Tuesday, June 5, 2007

TV and the Steadfast Leonsis

Even though he didn't link back to this summary of all our e-mail back and forth I'm sure his TV. TV. TV. TV post was specially crafted on my behalf.

I might have to agree he's right about the "growth stock" -- ultimately. But right now, if it was a stock in the Pop Culture market it would be so close to $0 you couldn't short it anyway. How low did it go?

One staple of my life is ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption”. PTI has been on one DVR or another for over 4 years. I love Kornheiser and Wilbon together. My day is kind of thrown off when there’s some BS like golf or tennis or college baseball that cancels PTI for the day. I read Kornheiser religiously as a young man and as much as anyone I blame him for my curmudgeonly style. Thank you Mr. Tony.

On Today’s PTI – they didn’t talk about the Stanley Cup at all. Not at ALL. And yet, they spent “5 Good Minutes” with someone I’d never really heard of “Dan Wheldon”. He was on TV only because Danica Patrick shoved him after last Sunday’s race. Mr. Wheldon is a great TV personality and was very entertaining. The IRL got 5 GOOD minutes, the NHL’s Stanley Cup got no air time at all.

Interestingly one thing that was obvious, Wheldon doesn’t probably have any love for Danica Patrick, but he understands the only reason he is on TV is because of her, and the only reason anyone even cares about the IRL at all is because of her. So even though she can’t win a race, as long as people care about her she can pretty much do what she wants. And the IRL must be most pleased by THIS shove. Way happier than Roger Goodell is going to be if Randy Moss shoves one of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

All of this does raise one question: does hockey have some women down in the minors who can skate a little bit?

Do a Google search on : Female Hockey Players. Then think about how PTI gave the IRL 5 minutes, and the NHL Stanley Cup 0 minutes, and then tell me if it really seems that crazy.

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