Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Forget the Calamari at Pacific Catch!

i'm glad hardly anyone is reading this blog yet because if it ever generates any traffic I could get totally sucked into my love of analyzing data. The amount of data available for free to find out who is looking at your stuff and why is fascinating to me. That someone wound up on my blog by searching on “iphone calamari” or “iphone pacific catch” doesn’t surprise me much because it was probably my friend Bill G.

But “Lindsay lohan excess” landing on something I wrote, no way that was Bill G. and I’m almost aroused at the thought of someone finding my writing as a result of THAT search. In my own way I have been trying to understand the pop culture and I had a 20 month or so project with a B-Team Lindsay Lohan from my own neighborhood (she’s actually probably degenerated to the point of C-team at this point, but really hasn’t Lindsay too?). I do in fact consider myself one of the world’s leading experts on “Lindsay Lohan excess”.

I’d rather write much more about getting the Simpsons pre-loaded on iPods and Apple TVs, but I do have some bandwidth (and expertise) for the excess that is Lindsay and Paris.

But the fact of the matter is this: if you are already IN the neighborhood where Pacific Catch is, you don’t want THAT calamari. It’s a fine calamari, it is. But it just isn’t special. If you want special calamari and are already in the neighborhood go for the chili encrusted calamari at Betelnut, you won’t be sorry.

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