Saturday, June 30, 2007

Strike 1 on the iPhone

I knew it didn't take videos and that it only had a 2 megapixel camera (which is plenty enough for me!). But i didn't know I wouldn't be able to send pix messages easily by sending them to another phone. Apparently this is not allowed and I get error messages when I try to send directly to a phone # (with area code, without area code, it doesn't work).

Nor could I e-mail the photo to my cell phone's pix e-mail address (ending in There is no way I could find to send a picture from my phone to another phone. I could send a picture to a regular pop e-mail address just fine though with apparently reduced image resolution. This seems like a pretty big deal.

I hope Apple isn't thinking, "who cares, someday they'll all have iPhones and regular e-mail will be easy!" and are thinking, "yeah, that's dumb and going to hurt us, we need to fix that fast!" and that in the bowels of Cuppertino some software engineers are working furiously on a fix. I have a couple of e-mails out to people "in the know" and hopefully the issue is I'm dumb and couldn't figure it out.

Update 6/30/07 13:05 PDT: confirmation is in, there is no phone to phone direct transfer of pix messages, it's e-mail only.

Update 6/30 16:25 PDT: you CAN e-mail to a picture phone if you know the complete e-mail address of the phone -- I had issues with my setup which I fixed by deleting my EMAIL acct info on the iPhone and reentering it on the iPhone

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