Saturday, June 30, 2007

more iPhone miscellany

a couple of things -- the good news is even with the sun shining right on your screen, it's readable. the bad news is this is the one time all the smudges show up -- the polishing cloth helped, but still left me wanting to break out the Windex. I moved 2 feet, and the problem was solved.

on some of the songs there are digital blemishes (squeals, pops & clicks) that I don't hear in iTunes or on the ipod (and we're talking about the same original source files). This could be something with the way the synching is handled which in general, seems noticably slower for music and video than it does with the regular old iPod. hopefully it's something that can be fixed with an iTunes software update.

I have not noticed any blemishes with video (or the soundtracks for it) but I have only watched about 25 minutes. I've probably used the iPhone for music 4 hours already.

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