Saturday, June 30, 2007

I do not like how the iPhone Synchs

it's official, it's MUCH slower than synching a regular iPod. Additionally, as mentioned previously there is no drag and drop support. I can't delete stuff directly off the device as I can with my iPod and I can't add to it directly either. I have to update the playlists (add and subtract) and then they separated "movies" from "TV Shows". I can't make a playlist for movies, I have to use the "checkbox feature" for movies within the synching menus. That's annoying...but that's not what i mean by slower. Once it actually starts synching it takes about 5x as long (maybe even longer) to move 5GB to the iPhone as it does to move it to the iPod.

I think that the issue with drag and drop and forcing me into their synching menus is due to a desire to keep this phone from being "unlocked/hackable", I'm OK with that. I think the issue with the synch times is...bad coding, at least on the Windows platform.

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