Monday, August 6, 2007

Is a WYSIWYG Front End Tool For Blogger Coming?

I know it's not right to get my news from Valleywag,'s fun. The Wag is reporting that the chief architect of Six Apart (makers of Typepad/Moveable Type) is bailing on Six Apart and heading to Google.

If true, I'm delighted by this news. Why? There's no good software tools available for easily managing the free Blogging tools (like Blogger). Sure, what Blogger gives you with the layout manager is fine. But CSS is a pain in the butt (as in one errant space will screw up your web site). For very basic stuff, the Blogger tools are fine, but when you get into anything outside of the standard 2 column world -- you're on your own.

I've thought for the last 3 months as I've struggled through learning CSS why doesn't Six Apart punt on Typepad and Moveable type and create a great front end for Blogger and WordPress. Moveable Type is supposed to be the best,but it requires server side software that most of end users are never going to be interested in. Just give us a very good front-end WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) tool for managing what Blogger already offers on the server side and it will be a very powerful and useful tool. More powerful than Moveable Type simply because of the reach of Blogger/Google.

I think Six Apart missed the opportunity to do this and now it's too late. I can't say I blame them. When I sat around thinking about "Why isn't somebody selling me something for $250-$300 to make this EASY!" the only answer I came up with is, "Google will get around to doing it itself" and I'm sure that's probably what they thought at Six Apart. Looks like they were probably right.


Mark Molckovsky said...

FREE "what you see if what you get" editor is ClutterMe.

It's exactly what you describe in your first paragraph.

Mark from ClutterMe

Mark Molckovsky said...

Follow up post...

In about a month or so we'll be releasing features that allow someone to edit their blog posts with ClutterMe technology.

Better late than never,

Mark from ClutterMe