Monday, August 6, 2007

Buy "Strength", Sell "Weakness"

Ok, for now Kara Swisher gets to laugh. But I'm hoping the old maxim about laughing last holds true. Sadly, when it comes to the stock market it has been said, and correctly that "hope" is just a four letter word.

My 1000 share buy of Yahoo from over a month ago is underwater. While I always looked at this as a 10 year hold, if I look at what's going on in the market right now these are still not great times for Yahoo. Lately it seems, whether the market is up or down, YHOO is down. Today the market is up, YHOO is down. This is not a sign of strength.

Someone much more savvy than I, Mark Pincus is long YHOO @ 23.32 (current price as of this writing = $22.68) and very, very long at $20...

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