Sunday, August 12, 2007

ESPN PodCenter on the iPhone

ESPN PodCenter comes to Apple's iPhone tomorrow according to a story published this past Friday in Adertising Age. Seems like it is only audio initially, but it will be great to have the availability without having to synch. I'm not sure how it will show up on the iPhone and the article didn't really specify, but I imagine it will be another icon (a la YouTube) on the "home" desktop.

Update 08/13/07 7:32A PDT: No desktop real estate that I've found so far. Digging around though I found this link:
it works! though clicking the "play link" hypertext link did NOT work, clicking the icon did, and pretty well -- at least over wifi. The content is kind of stale (all from last Friday), no content from the weekend, but since it just launched, I'll cut them some slack for a while. Hopefully before long there will be some video to go along with the audio.

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