Thursday, June 14, 2007

Satisying My Pacific Catch & iPhone Curiosity

it's not satisfied yet, but if you want the commercials go here. The whole thing just fascinates me. the most fascinating thing is this: why aren't Apple and Pacific Catch themselves very, high (say #1 and 2) on the list of results if you do a Google search on "pacific catch iphone"? I'm talking straight up Google search here, the big Kahuna, not Google "Blog Search".

I am now in the top 5 search results with these silly posts. But if it's giving people what they want (the commercials) I can understand why Goog would give me relevancy. Actually I DO understand why. There is a higher correlation than normal for people searching on "pacific catch iphone" to be more interested in my other content. On some of those searches people wound up looking at 4 or 5 pages on my site and stuck around a while. I'm all good with being #4 & 5 with my little anonymous blog, but Pacific Catch's OWN site (which certainly DOES mention the iPhone now) is on the THIRD PAGE of results. By then I was too tired to find out where Apple's site ranked.

But I am wondering why even Google, from both a relevancy and an editorial bias wouldn't rank Pacific Catch much higher. I'm a little upset here because you know how I feel about geniuses who have synergy and don't use it, but Pacific Catch DID leverage the synergy and still is on the 3rd page of results. I find it...odd.

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