Monday, June 11, 2007

Gaming the System: Pacific Catch and the iPhone

There are a lot of people searching on the following search: pacific catch iphone. Aside from my ad campaign experiment, which did generate a lot of traffic from the search engines, the #1 way my blog has been accessed via Google searches is: pacific catch iphone .

If you are reading this that’s probably why. I am trying to guess WHY so many people are doing this search. Perhaps it is just to see the commercial that ran for the iphone. If that is what you were looking for, you can see it here on Apple’s site in Quicktime, or here on Youtube.

If that’s NOT why you are doing the search would you please either leave a comment or e-mail me at robert.seidman at gmail dot com? I’m really curious!

There is a Cingular store (where the iPhone will be sold on 6/29) very close to Pacific Catch. I am also curious to see whether Pacific Catch does record business on June 29. But I’m curious about everything. I still like the chili encrusted calamari at Betelnut better if you happen to be in the neighborhood already.


Patrick said...

I got your blog by typing in the exact search term. The reason is that I live around San Francisco and was on my laptop while the ad ran, so I was curious to see if some local news had reported whether the restaurant had generated new interest because of the ad and to check out the restaurant myself because I'm interested in catching a good seafood restaurant close by.

Robert Seidman said...

Pacific Catch definitely got more attention. I don't know if they paid part of the ad costs or if someone high up at Apple knows the owners of Pacific Catch, but they're running an iPhone calamari special now apparently.

BTW, though it's not my favorite calamari in the neighborhood, I do like Pacific Catch quite a bit.