Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Capitalizing on God: I’m Falling for Paris

Either we’re having our “wow, our little girl is growing up!” moment or, Paris has really good media spinmeisters advising her. It’s all quite a turnaround from the “it’s so unfair!” of last week. She’s taking her lumps. Doesn’t want to appeal. She did the crime, she wants to do her time. It’s the right thing to say.

But she also said, “God has given me another chance!” Not only that, she said something about how she is going to stop acting dumb and put her influence to good use. I wanted to just hug her really.

I’m mixed on the playing of the God card. I still haven’t reached a conclusion on whether Capitalism is Self-Destructive, but as fodder into the mix, I propose that in a system that capitalizes on EVERYTHING, the number one thing it capitalizes on is God.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Actually I am sure how I feel about it, but I love Paris anyway. She could’ve been resistant to doing the right thing, she could’ve used her position to just continuously do whatever the hell she wants anyway – and time will tell whether she is REALLY repenting here. But she’s saying she ought to repent and I’ll give her points for that because…it’s the truth.

As for God, that’s an essay for another day. But it’s true, as long as you’re alive, you always have another chance. My favorite fortune cookie of all time had the following fortune: it’s never too late to be what you might have been.

It really isn’t. Not for me, you, or Ms. Hilton.

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