Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Calling a Slimeball a Slimeball

aye yay yay.....

These scumwads at http://hoodiagordonii.offshelf.com/wp/weight-loss/17201 stole my post on how to lose 80 pounds and keep it off and are using it as content to SELL the magic pill.

My post on losing weight the way that makes sense (eat less, exercise more -- the only way that ever, ever, ever is really going to work EVER) being used to sell Hoodia! Freaking Hoodia!

My little plan is to generate thousands and thousands of clicks to their ads without ever purchasing anything. They will "pay" for it -- it will just work out that they pay it to Google, instead of me. I don't care where the pain comes...as long as they feel the pain. I want to see these guys dead more than Paulie Walnuts.

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