Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why isn't NASCAR on FOX?

Let me say straight away: I'm not in NASCAR nation. I like DRIVING REALLY FAST. Watching other people drive really fast doesn't do much for me.

But we're in a world that does not need much of an excuse to DRINK BEER! Capitalism LOVES anything that gets people excited about having an excuse to drink. NASCAR seems to accomplish this in spades. My friend Bill G. (the OTHER Bill G.) says that NASCAR trumps all other sports besides the NFL. Better than baseball, better than the NBA, and certainly better than the NHL.

My question is this: why doesn't FOX milk NASCAR for all the beer consumption it possibly can? I ask this because this past Saturday there was some kind of NASCAR event running on the SPEED channel. With a gun pointed at my skull, I couldn't tell you what channel the SPEED channel is. But still, it pulled over 3 rating and at it's peak had well over 3 million homes tuned in according to this story.

That crushed ANYTHING on Fox that night, according to these ratings so you figure if the things was on FOX it would have likely done much better than the 3 on speed plus the 1.x rating on FOX.

Why wasn't it on Fox?

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