Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sad about Cubes Being Sad

It doesn't take much to make me sad, really. And seeing Marc Cuban's blog entry regarding Donald Trump made me sad.

I'd like to think he is just distracting himself over how the Mavs ended the season and isn't envious that Trump's show ran for several seasons while Cuban's own reality-based TV show had only a very brief run.

I'd like to think that if I had what Cuban had I wouldn't even ponder Mr. Trump or his hair other than to laugh it off. I was also disappointed that Cubes restricted access to comments on that message.

Cubes is a smart guy and he has access to the ratings and so the one thing he knows is even though "The Apprentice" languished in the overall ratings this past season, it still scored consistently well in the coveted 18-49 with household income above $100,000 demographic.

There is no reason to feel sorry for the Donald. He'll be just fine.

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