Thursday, August 28, 2008

Testing Sprout Widget Builder

Just a test, please ignore. Special thanks to Duncan Riley for his video walk through on using Sprout's widget creation tools.. It made the process so simple I didn't even need to read *any* instructions.


Izabela said...

Hello Robert!! I'm from Brazil, and we can't access tvbythenumbers website, did something happened? The page cannot be displayed here. I really would like to see your analysis of the ratings! =) Thanks!

Robert Seidman said...

Hi Izabela. Yes, something happened and we had to upgrade our servers. When we did so we got new "IP addresses" and it can sometime take the whole Internet a couple of days to catch up with Domain Name Resolution. We just did this very early on Thursday morning so there may still be some problems for the next day or so from some locations. I apologize for the inconvenience.