Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Most Important FriendFeed Feature I'd Like to See (Right Now)

What's the thing I'd love to see FriendFeed change and quickly? Direct messaging? Not so much. Better handling of duplication? Very much. But both of those are fairly common requests. One request that I haven’t seen much of, and I might have merely missed it while being drowned in duplication, is better filtering with the way FriendFeed handles RSS feeds.

If you throw in an RSS feed, FriendFeed treats it as one category and if you have multiple blogs or feeds you’ve added via RSS feeds it’s all treated as one feed. You can hide all of a person’s RSS feeds but you can’t merely hide an individual blog/RSS feed.

For this reason today I wound up removing the feed for TVbytheNumbers. Why? FriendFeed is right now an early adopter crowd. While I might post something on this blog that people subscribing to me on FriendFeed might find interesting, I imagine most FriendFeeders subscribing to my FriendFeed stream aren’t all that interested in Nielsen Ratings or the TVbytheNumbers content.

On Tuesdays we do a massive amount of Nielsen ratings posts. Unfortunately the easiest way for anyone to hide them requires hiding all blog posts, including this one, which they might actually have cared about a little.

So my number one request right now, given how FriendFeed works today would be better filtering selectivity around things that are directly added via RSS. I’d grant I probably should’ve known that feeding the TVbytheNumbers content stream into FriendFeed was dopey, but I didn’t really think about it at the time I set the account up. I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

There are some people I follow who feed multiple things in via RSS and some of the separate feeds I’m not interested in following but some of them I am. Right now, it’s an all or nothing proposition in terms of RSS feeds. I can't filter them out by feed, and that’s not good.

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