Monday, October 15, 2007

More Fun With Numbers: Techmeme

My pal Angela Penny wrote a piece examining the sites on “Techmeme’sleaderboard using data from Compete. She didn’t use Quantcast because for many of the sites there was no data or the numbers looked too small.

I would actually be very happy for Allen Stern if he was pulling more traffic and making more money at CenterNetworks than either GigaOm or TechMeme itself, but I’d sure be willing to bet $1000 that if I could examine the traffic logs for all three sites, CenterNetworks would place third out of three.

I simply do not trust software based tracking like Compete and Alexa – where the software is mostly downloaded by gearheads, which skews the data. On top of that, they seemingly can be easily gamed. Someday if most people are participating in Quantcast, I would trust the #’s as my own experience is that it is very accurate and sadly you can see the paltry (and diminishing)statistics for – we’re still very new though and figuring lots of stuff out. But the Quantcast data is very accurate.

Not a lot of sites are “Quantified” and I do not really trust Quantcast’s panel data for smaller sites that aren’t quantified (I do tend to trust it for larger sites though). But I definitely trust it, based on my own experiences with using Quantcast tracking for sites that do use Quantcast tracking. So I trust it for GigaOm and for which are quantified

Angela noted that Allen Stern’s CenterNetworks shows zero traffic in Quantcast. I suspect that is because Allen stopped using Quantcast tracking altogether, but did *not* switch his account settings on Quantcast to switch from “Quantified” to “panel based”.

For purposes of apples to apples comparisons I think something like ComScore or NetRatings is the way to go and I hope Angela succeeds in her quest for good data (she’s working on it).


Angela Penny said...

thanx robert for skooling me.

Anonymous said...

I did remove the quantified script.
-- allen

rightbacktoyou said...


comscore and netraings panel sizes are too small to accurately measure sites with less than a couple hundred thousand UVs per month.

unfortunately quantcast and alexa are best for most blogs on the leaderboard