Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Seth Godin is a Good Guy, I Am a Dope!

Seth commented on my snarky posting responding with:

Robert, I'm sure you'll be pleased to set the record straight.For the last week, I've been traveling and haven't read the Times once. Also worth noting is that Imal sent me the ORIGINAL PRESS RELEASE, not the article.So, no foul, right?

There is definitely no foul on Seth's part, only on mine. I'm still trying to reconcile the whole is it better to act like a dope thing. I haven't reconciled it yet because it seems like maybe sometimes it is better, at least if your goal was to get Seth to check out your blog. My apologies to Seth and I respect the good natured way he handled it.

For now, I'm still savoring #756 and as a complete aside, I also respect that Hank Aaron paid his respects to Barry Bonds via a video message (picture below). It's not every day you can tie Seth, Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron together : )

(click to enlarge)

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