Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jason Calacanis on Losing Weight

Jason, who's also launching the "human search" startup Mahalo posted a very thoughtful and inspirational 5 step plan for weight loss. I think step #3 is the only one that really matters (change your mindset!) and of course, that's the hardest one! Everything else flows and gets easier from there. While lifting weights (step #5) was not a part of my plan, I completely agree that lower your % body fat (as you convert fat into muscle) the better your metabolism is.

Here's a picture of Jason, and Daniel Burka & Kevin Rose from Digg. I had brunch with Jason a couple of weeks back and though Valleywag would have led me to believe that a death match between Jason and Kevin would've broken out, when they ran into each other on Union Street, it was downright cordial. I regret I couldn't get Jason's English bulldog, Toro to stare at the camera, judging from the reaction of the women we encountered on the street, Toro was clearly the most handsome of the bunch.

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