Thursday, July 5, 2007


believe me, I wasn't short AAPL today either. In fact I once again didn't even look at the market until 11:45PDT. The market is catching up (getting more efficient) about the results of the iPhone launch.

I am having a few "why didn't I just..." moments. It's not like I haven't been screaming LONG, LONG, LONG AAPL. Its like a savant gift for stock picking but only if I don't actually trade it. I had the same deal with AOL for years and probably missed out on millions because I didn't trade the stock (even though I was screaming LONG, LONG, LONG for years -- and in the years I was screaming the price matched the volume of my shouting). I'm ok with it. I'd rather be right AND make money, but I'll confess, just being right feels pretty good too. I am not hopping in for a lunch money trade. I have eaten much too much lunch lately. One lesson I already learned is I *can* lose a couple of pounds without losing a few thousand dollars.

Regardless, I believe the iPhone will be the quickest to ever hit 1 million and 5 million subscribers...Curiously AT&T ('T') isn't experiencing the same exuberance in the stock market. I'm guessing that's because nobody really talks about AT&T when they talk about the iPhone.

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