Monday, July 2, 2007

iPhone Quirks - Before you call tech support...

I have experienced 2 quirks and both were easily resolved.

1. my primary e-mail account did not sync properly and I had problems sending e-mails. If you have any problem like this, first try deleting the account directly via the iPhone and then re-entering the information directly on the iPhone. This cleared all my problems up and future syncs didn't change anything for me.

2. I had a very frustrating problem with the keyboard where during data entry, pressing keys on the keyboard would take me out of Safari and throw me back to the home page. I thought this may have been the result of the phone falling 4' glass side down on the floor (not a freaking scratch by the way) and was somewhat distraught about the prospects of going back to the Apple Store for an exchange. I simply powered off (hold power key down 5 seconds and then "slide to power off") and powered back on and my keyboard works fine again. I probably learned the "off and on" trick from using Microsoft for years and am glad to see my past trouble shooting skills will not be lost on the iPhone.

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