Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Bigger screen of the iPhone is a BIG, Big Deal

I might have had it wrong with the mirror neuron thing. I wasn't wrong about the mirror neurons in general and I didn't have a problem watching video on the regular old iPod. But, the 3.5" diagonal is now going to be the de facto standard in portable handhelds. Someone will do a little smaller, someone a little bigger, but this sets the size for a good long while.

The iPhone can actually get a bit smaller without giving up any screen real estate, and it already is comfortable in your pocket -- at least without any armor on it, and the thing doesn't need the armor.

The iPhone's screen is only about 2x the screen on the Video iPod, but that 2x makes about 10x difference to me. The iPhone will be the goldilocks "just right" footprint for those wanting to put their portable media player in their pockets.

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