Saturday, June 23, 2007

Would you pay $30,000 for 2 Tickets to the All-Star Game?

Update: (6/25 19:32 PDT) the price on these seats was lowered to $24,750, now the total is only @$27,225. they're still for sale as of this writing.
If so, someone's trying to sell them. They are good seats, I think 2nd row behind home plate just a little diagonal from the left handers batter's box.

Yes, I know it says only $27, 500, but there's the little matter of the convenience fee. Click on the read more link for that picture.

Convenience charge huh? That's....convenient. For MLB at least. These pictures were snapped via the Giants' Double Play Ticket Window. And oh yeah, the HDTVs and cushioned seats -- that totally is going to close the deal. You could buy 7 or 8 fairly high end 58" plasma screen HDTV's and still have enough money left over for a couple of top of the line Lazy Boys, a few cases of beer and a gourmet feast.

A couple of things to note:

1. there's some kind of city ordinance in SF about how you can't stand in front of the ballpark and sell tickets for more than face value. But if you have a computer, it's totally fine and MLB is happy to take a 10% commission.

2. The actual cost of my tickets, which are good, but nowhere near that good was $1167 for 2 seats. But those seats were still only $220 more (total). Here's the table of face values from the Giants. My seats are "Premium Lower Box" and the $30K seats (just for the All Star Game) are Field Club.

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