Sunday, June 10, 2007

Why Time Warner Needs NEW Management RIGHT NOW

I find it shocking and outrageous that companies created to leverage synergy, don't. I'm not too surprised here because the guy who runs the joint has seemed out of sorts lately. Check out: Time Warner Chief Hallucinates at Cable Show, Speaks Truth.

I would have had a field day with that if I had been publishing on May 11... but alas, it's June 10 and I can still kvetch with authority. Here's the current cover of Time Magazine:

In about an hour, as I write this, most of the state of New Jersey will be shut down and transixed on the series finale of the Sopranos. Ok, so they didn't put the Sopranos on the cover and that was dumb. They didn't put it one of the little cut boxes either, and that was dumber, and even dumber still: no mention of the finale of the series -- which runs on Time Warner's HBO -- ANYWHERE IN THE MAGAZINE! You may remember Time Warner as also being the parent company of Time Magazine. .

The Sopranos is certainly culturaly relevant. Why didn't TW capitalize on the synergy. Mr. Parsons, how do you account for that? You can worry about Google all you want, but today, you should LOVE Google because Google is giving more exposure to the Sopranos than Time Warner.

Smart. Very smart. Excellent leveraging of synergy.

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