Saturday, June 30, 2007

still love, love, loving the iPhone

and the chili encrusted calamari at Betelnut too.

ok, once I got e-mail sorted out, and syncing sorted out (synch works differently for me than it does with the iPod so it's a new behavior to learn), I love this thing. I love the browser, I love the video display, I love that it know when to switch from portrait to landscape (except for the built in e-mail). About the only thing I don't love is that it's slow to sync..and that may just be with video. I only have a few hundred meg of songs right now, and that seemed pretty zippy.

I am worried that time spent:

  • listening to music

  • surfing the internet

  • watching video all going to increase and that's probably not a great thing for me as I do plenty of each already -- but who cares, I love it anyway. This really is the coolest thing I've seen in about 13 years when I first saw the World Wide Web on a workstation, then on Windows (Mosaic ) for the first time.

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