Friday, June 22, 2007

Jason Giambi is a Cheater

That's no assumption. It's a fact. Some idiots are posting on that he's a man for owning up. He's a man for being able to make millions of dollars via cheating? You HAVE to be kidding me!

Again, this is no assumption: he admitted he cheated in the leaked grand jury testimony and while I think it's vile that the testimony was leaked (hey, at least they're sending the dope who leaked it to jail), he did cheat. Plus, a couple of years later when the world already KNEW he was a cheater, he cheated again with amphetamines, and got caught.

He's no man for agreeing to talk to Senator Mitchell and issuing an apology for using steroids. The only reason he did that is because Bud Selig put a gun to his head.

It accomplishes nothing. By pointing the gun at Mr. Giambi's head, Mr. Selig gets absolutely nothing useful in return. Giambi adamantly agreed to talking only about his own usage (he will NOT talk about anyone else) and issued an apology.

We already KNEW he was a cheater and he's already apologized although before today he was only apologizing for "that stuff". Today's apology specifically used the word steroids.

The only thing this accomplishes is it gives the appearance that Bud Selig tried to do something (even if it accomplishes nothing). I am results and solutions-oriented, however I know we live in a world where appearances matter. But when you look just the littlest bit under the surface, the appearance is, it's worthless in terms of actually accomplishing anything.

Is the American public and Congress stupid enough to buy it? Perhaps not, but perhaps the American public at large and Congress is lazy enough to not look under the surface at all and so sick of the whole business that it is enough.

At least until Barry gets to 750, then ESPN will be all over it 24x7. In the meanwhile, look at Giambi's sh*t eating grin! It's as if to say, "I cheated and laughed all the way to the bank, hahahahahah!"

What do you think about cheating in Baseball? Do you think Barry Bonds is worse than Giambi? Better? The same?

Update 17:40 PDT: The meeting between Giambi and Senator Mitchell is will not happen until July at the the earliest. The reason? They can't get all of the lawyers necessary to be available at the same time until then.


Terri Smith said...

Why are you so mean to Jason? He's a nice man!

Robert Seidman said...

the truth is mean?