Monday, June 25, 2007

Hello Yahoos!

i ran my Google analytics and saw a little traffic in Sunnyvale and because Feedburner provides ip addresses I got curious. And damn if you can't run NSLOOKUP from a DOS command line just like you could in the 1990s. Yahoo! I'm guessing a little tiny mention from Kara Swisher goes a long way. But as long as you're here...

Google won. Really. The whole thing. However...

I'm thinking about this like I am thinking about the TV business. Did you know that in about the last 11 years (1995-2006) the combined "share" during primetime for CBS, NBC, ABC has decreased by a full 2/3rds? That's right, there are about as as many eyeballs on ABC, CBS, NBC combined now as each used to have. But guess what: ABC, CBS and NBC are worth MORE today than they were 12 years ago (even adjusting for inflation and whatnot).

So even though Google won, it's not over for Yahoo. Not by a long shot. Good luck!

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