Friday, June 29, 2007

Gambling for iPhone Money

trading AAPL, natch. Cleared $662.84 which would just about cover the 8GB iPhone plus tax.

But it looks like for now, it's just more lunch money. I just got a call from Bill G .who is eating lunch up on Union St (where the closest AT&T/Cingular store is) and 10-15 people are already in line. My plan was to go up there at 4:30p.m., but I'm not going to bother. While it's true I could just sit in line for the next 8 hours and finish up 24 season 5 on the iPod, these scenes generally involve the look at me, look at me! crowd (you have probably seen pictures of the clowns at the Apple store in SF -- and I'm not being mean, they're actually dressed as clowns!) and I generally try to stay as far away from people like that as I possibly can.

But it's only 12:05p, and it's the freaking iPhone...I may change my mind.

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