Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Barry's in a giving mood..

and I am sooooo over the steroids rant that I'm actually going to tonight's game and hoping for #750! I want him to be sitting right at 755, tied with Aaron at the All-Star break so Bud will come to town in a couple of weeks absolutely grimacing.
As he gets closer to the all-time home run record, Barry Bonds now apparently is in a giving mood.

"All I want is the shoes, the bat, the jersey and the pants, and they can have everything else. But I don't want to jump the gun about something that hasn't happened yet. It's something that will be considered. There's nothing that won't be considered. This is not a big issue. The Hall of Fame has never made it a big issue. They've always been respectful and there's no reason for them not to be now. We haven't even talked face-to-face about it yet."

Barry Bonds, in interview with MLB.com from this story on ESPN.COM.

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