Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Putting the Roller Derby in the Miss Universe Pageant

UPDATE: we don't care more than we used to, we care less apparently. Miss Universe was trounced in the ratings by a rerun of CBS' Two and a Half Men. They're going to need the Donald vs. Rosie contest to get anyone to watch.

You have to love the Donald. He bought up these formerly highly recognizable brands like Miss Universe and Miss America that nobody really cares about anymore. We'll find out if we care more when the overnight ratings come out.

But you have, slips and pratfalls, a contestant pulling out of the contest because it demeans women (you didn't know about that before you entered the contest!?).

As you can see here, Miss Japan looks shocked to find out she's won as last years Miss Universe looks on with the look of "thank GOD this one year nightmare is finally over."

Depending on this year's ratings, I propose -- at least for Miss America, three, 3 minute rounds of mud wrestling between Rosie and the Donald. I might even be willing to go pay-per-view on that.

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